Tips for Choosing the Right Siding in Carmel

With all the different types of siding available, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best type for your home. Because of the high cost of redoing the siding on the house, it’s important to choose just the right one. Taking into account the cost, durability, maintenance needs and looks will help make the decision a bit easier.


When choosing Siding in Carmel, one of the main factors for most people is the cost. Vinyl siding tends to be cheapest, averaging about $201 per 100 square feet including installation, followed by fiber cement at about $300 per 100 square feet. Brick is the most expensive, at $935 per 100 square feet, and wood costs about $550 per 100 square feet.

Durability and Maintenance

Of course, The cost isn’t the only factor people need to take into account. Vinyl is one of the more popular choices for siding because it is affordable but still very durable, and it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance. Opt for an insulated version to help improve energy efficiency and choose one with UV protection to make it last even longer. Brick is best for durability and low maintenance if you can get past the higher cost. It’s particularly good for earthquake resistance and isn’t damaged by flying debris. Wind and moisture don’t cause much damage, and it doesn’t need painting. In between these two options is cement board, which typically has a 50-year warranty and is resistant to fire, water, and termites. It doesn’t require much maintenance, so it’s easier to care for and longer lasting than wood siding, which needs to be painted and can be damaged by termites, water, and fire.


When it comes to the looks of Siding in Carmel, different people have different preferences. However, vinyl is often considered less attractive than some of the other options for siding. People with high-end housing still like the look of wood, especially cedar, and cement board siding can mimic the look of wood without all the maintenance. Brick is also an attractive option and still one of the most popular choices, especially in the south.

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