There’s more than one way to get divorced. Although people tend to expect a divorce to be expensive and contentious, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there is a family law firm in Winnebago County, IL that offers mediation services to help couples save money and resolve their issues so they can both be satisfied with the outcome. Some people delay getting divorced due to what they think it will cost. This merely reduces the marital assets and makes it more difficult to divide property equitably. When couples choose mediation, there get a few benefits.

Reduced Costs

The most expensive part of getting divorced is hiring two lawyers. When each spouse has their own lawyer, it often takes much longer to settle the marital estate. Attorneys are typically paid by the hour, which means that the fees can really bite into the assets if the couple is unable to agree on one or more issues. When there are two attorneys involved, there’s also a chance the case could go to trial, and that would result in additional expenses. However, by working with a mediator instead, there is only one fee, and the time from when the couple starts mediation until the agreement is written and submitted to the judge is much shorter.

Less Time

Couples that are dedicated to resolving their issues related to property division, custody, and financial support may be able to finalize their divorce in weeks, rather than months or even years. This shorter time frame could allow the former spouses to move on with their lives much more quickly and easily since they don’t have the stress of a pending divorce holding them back.

More Amicable Settlement

Although people might think there’s no such thing as an amicable divorce, it really is possible if they get mediation services from a family law firm in Winnebago County, IL. In mediation, spouses listen to each other and work out a plan that works for both of them. If they have children, this plan includes them as well.

Divorce may not be easy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or contentious. Each spouse may not leave with exactly what they want, but if they use mediation instead of having a trial, they are more likely to leave with the things that are most important to them. Anyone who is planning to get divorced can get more information here.

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