Tips for Cat Bathing And Shampoo in Rockville MD

Cats are notoriously clean creatures but they can’t do all of their grooming needs by themselves. At some point in their lives, all cats need a bath. Here are some cat bathing and shampoo in Rockville MD and elsewhere tips from The Groomery.

How Young Can A Kitten Be?

Generally, a kitten should be two months old before he or she gets the first bath. However, if the kitten is infested with parasites then bathing earlier may have to be done. Get everything you need in the bathroom, kitchen or wherever the kitten will be bathed before bringing the kitten in. This makes the bath as quick as possible.

How Hot Should The Water Be?

Bathe a cat or kitten the same way that you would bathe a baby. Lukewarm water is best. Keep the cat or kitten in a warm room so he or she does not catch a chill. Putting a hair dryer on the lowest setting can help dry a cat off, but your cat may not cooperate. At least make sure your wet but clean cat is in a warm room to dry off.

What Shampoo Do I Use?

Never use people shampoo for cats. It’s much too strong. Use only shampoo made for kittens or cats. In an emergency, a very gentle dish washing liquid like Dawn can be used. Ask your vet to recommend a shampoo.

When Should I Bathe My Cat?

Your pet needs Cat Bathing And Shampoo in Rockville MD when he or she can no longer clean the hindquarters due to arthritis or another health problem. Bathe before a show or before trimming or shaving the coat. Hairless cats need baths weekly or bi-weekly because their skin dries out so quickly. Bathe a cat whenever he or she has a misadventure with any sticky or stinky substance.

In Conclusion

Bathing a cat is part of being a good cat owner. Cats usually do not need as many baths as dogs if they are short-haired and healthy. The first time bathing a cat is usually the hardest. If you live in the Rockville area and need a professional cat grooming service, Visit The Groomery today.


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