Tips For Buying New Car Tires in St. George UT

Buying car tires may seem like a mundane task, but it is actually a very important decision. Not only do tires affect the gas mileage of the vehicle, but the safety of the driver and all of the passengers is riding on them. Here a few tips to buying car tires in St. George UT.

1. Check your owner’s manual for the size and type of tire that best suits your vehicle. Most cars also have a sticker on the inside of the driver’s door that will inform you if the manual is lost or otherwise not available.

2. Replace all four at once. Do not try and save money by only replacing the tire with the most wear. Modern suspension systems are designed to work best with tires that are all even, not tires that have different levels of wear.

3. Purchase tires on the internet to save money. Many major tire retailers have working relationships with local shops that will allow delivery in return for installing them on the vehicle. The shops can then mount and balance your tires when you come in to purchase them.

4. Get an alignment if you need it at the same time you buy your new tires. If the car is misaligned, it will prematurely wear your tires, and you will end up having to replace the tires sooner than is natural.

5. Have your spare tire inspected. It is the perfect time to have this done, and you certainly do not want an unusable spare when the time comes to put one on.6. Make sure to perform proper maintenance on the tires after you purchase them. Stay in the habit of checking for proper inflation as an under-inflated tire is subject to uneven wear and, in some cases, a blowout. Keeping the tire properly inflated also increases the gas mileage of the vehicle.

If the following tips are followed when buying Car Tires in St. George UT, you will have long-lasting and quality tires that will keep your vehicle rolling smoothly and safely. Click here for a great selection of tires for just about every vehicle on the road today.


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