Shop around carefully for a water heater

Few things are more upsetting to you, the homeowner, than having no hot water when you jump into the shower on a cold winter’s morning. Actually, anytime you’re looking forward to a soak in the tub or a long shower after a hard day’s work, you take for granted that there will be loads of hot water. It’s a common complaint in a home that another resident has used up the hot water supply! If the problem is with the actual water heater, this is when most people take immediate action and try to get the problem solved as soon as possible. Nothing spoils a day more than having no hot water readily available.

Deciding on a new water heater
For many people, no hot water means a quick phone call to a plumbing service to have the water heater repaired. Sometimes this is the solution, but often the news is that the heater is beyond repair and a new one needs to be purchased. As most people wait until this moment before even considering a new heater, they often buy quickly and without giving the process due thought. There are several factors that should be borne in mind.

Energy saving is the first thing that you should consider. It’s fairly well known that heating water is the second highest user of energy in a private home, so people need to consider a solution that will not only save them money, but which will also be kind to the environment. There are several options available. The storage tank is most common, where water is heated either by electricity, gas, or propane. The hot water is at the top of the tank and is drawn off when a faucet is opened, while cold water flows in to the bottom of the tank. Solar is an excellent option if you’re considering a water heater for your Chandler AZ home, as this is an area that has year-round sunshine and is not only highly cost effective but leaves no carbon footprint.


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