Tips for Being a Great Tenant that Landlords Love

Having an adversarial relationship with your landlord isn’t really the best way to make sure that you stay in your home. However, you don’t have to make him or her your best friend in order to work well together. There are easy ways to keep your relationship professional and pleasant.

Know Your Lease by Heart

That’s the first rule. The second rule: follow all the rules. If your contract states “no pets allowed,” you need to abide by those rules and let your furry pal go to a friend or loved one.

Get Permission First

Want a dog back in your life? You say yes, but the rules still say no. Don’t violate your lease conditions. That’s a surefire way of giving yourself the boot. Ask for permission from your landlord first before you do anything, says HGTV. Who knows? If you negotiate nicely enough, you might get your landlord to approve of having your furry companion stay with you after all.

Pay on Time

Landlords love nothing more than tenants who pay on time. If you want the fastest way to make your landlord think you’re awesome, this is your best bet. If you ever run into financial issues, though, and you might be late with the rent, let your landlord know as soon as possible. That way, your landlord can make other arrangements. This might also alleviate some of the landlord’s ill feelings toward the late payment.

Respect Your Landlord’s Time

Limit your afterhours phone calls for urgent matters. If you have maintenance requests, email your landlord or your landlord’s property management company about it. Never call unless it’s an emergency. Your landlord will appreciate the gesture of consideration.

Get Along with Your Neighbors

Squabbling with your neighbors can get you in trouble. Keep the noise down and try your best to establish a friendly relationship with the neighbors.


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