Three Things You Should Consider When Shopping for New Perfume

Your scent can say a lot about you, and it can leave a pretty strong first impression. There’s also a wide selection of available perfumes, and it can be difficult for scent experts to wade through all the options, let alone a beginner. Here’s what you need to consider when searching for the best perfumes for women in Los Angeles, CA.

Scent Families

Everyone has different tastes in scents, so it’s important to find out which notes you personally enjoy. Once you’ve identified which scent families you like and which ones you don’t, you can narrow down your perfume choices using their listed notes. This doesn’t mean you absolutely shouldn’t try perfumes with notes you’re not a fan of. New and interesting combinations may surprise you!


If you’re shopping on a budget, the perfume concentration is one element you’ll need to focus on. Brand names can cause scents to go up in price, but a higher concentration will also be more expensive. Consider the longevity you’re looking to get out of your perfumes and go from there.

Body Chemistry

No matter how a perfume smells right out of the bottle, it’s going to change as it settles into your skin and adjusts to your body chemistry. This is why testing is essential. Some scents may not smell so great hours later, and subpar scents can smell amazing. Don’t be afraid to wear samples a few times to see if you like them.

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