Reviewing The Best Family Tree Maker Sites

Creating a family tree is a labor of love for many people. Those with a passion for genealogy can now take advantage of three top family tree maker sites that are easy to use and are completely free.

What to Look For

Whether you choose a free or a paid o ption in a family tree maker software application, there are key factors to look for in the service. It should be flexible and allow you to add on, including providing specific information for each person in your family history.

The system should allow you to upload and store photos, documents, and data related to specific family members. The platform should be secure and provide online backup, reducing the risk of losing information. The software should allow the export of the data in a suitable format, and ideally in a genealogical data communication file or GEDCOM.

Top 3 Free Picks

  • Depending on your level of experience and expertise, one or more of these options may be an ideal choice in family tree maker software:
  • WikiTree – this is a collaborative, user-friendly option. It allows you to access information on family pages, historical events, and other information provided by community members. It is possible to have both private and public aspects to your family tree.
  • FamilySearch – Family Tree by FamilySearch is used by people around the world and is the largest online genealogy community. It does not offer private family tree options, so anything entered becomes visible to all with overlapping family trees.
  • – the free version is limited, but the subscription memberships offer access to different levels of material. It can be integrated with DNA testing to expand your family tree as more people use the testing service.

Take the time and read the information for any family tree maker software before investing your time and energy in the process.


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