Three Common Problems Requiring Commercial Plumbing Services in Palm Desert, CA

The type of business that you own will often dictate the type of plumbing issues you’ll have. If you own a restaurant, then grease in sink traps may be a common problem as grease can get emptied into a sink when pots and pans are scraped and cleaned. If you’re in an office, then clogged toilets may be a more common issue. Here are three plumbing problems that businesses often experience.

Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet can cause your water bills to dramatically increase, costing your company hundreds of dollars per year. This problem can sometimes be difficult to detect at first because some leaks are silent. To check for a leak, try putting some coloring in the tank and look to see if there is a leak. If a leak is detected, you will need to contact a company offering commercial plumbing services in Palm Desert, CA.

Leaky Sinks

Sometimes a faucet will not close all the way when it is turned off or it may have a worn washer causing it to leak. However, a leak under the sink may not be detected right away, especially if there is a vanity beneath it as in some offices. A water leak can waste thousands of gallons of water before commercial plumbing services are called for repairs.

Sewer Odors

The sewer pipe running underneath the floor can sometimes start to smell bad if the U-shaped pipe gets too dry. Most of the time, this pipe has water in it, which helps block the smells. However, if it is dry, you will smell the odors, which can be very foul. Go to visit us website to contact a commercial plumber who can help fix the sewer line so the odors will no longer be present.

A company offering commercial plumbing services can maintain the plumbing system so that major problems can be avoided.


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