Three Benefits of Renting a Wetsuit from a Triathlon Store

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Clothing


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A triathlon incorporates three separate races into one, making it a long journey to master. One part of this race includes swimming, and it is done no matter what time of year the race is held. To keep safe and warm during this part of the event, a wetsuit can be worn. Rather than purchasing a wetsuit that may only be used once, or even only a couple of times, racers can rent a suit instead. A Triathlon Store offers wetsuit rentals, which provides three separate benefits to those who choose to utilize the service.

Fee Goes Toward a Later Purchase

The rental fee Urban Tri Gear LLC expects for their wetsuit rentals is not only used for that day. Instead, the fee can go towards the purchase of a regular wetsuit later. That is if the renter so chooses. Each renter has until the end of that same season to make use of their rental discount for a wetsuit purchase.

Multiple-Day Rental

Wetsuit rentals are not only available for one day. They can be offered for either 5 or 7 days, depending on how long the renter needs it. This ensures each renter has enough time to practice in the suit before the race, compete in the race, and get it cleaned and returned afterward.

Long Sleeve or Sleeveless

One type of wetsuit is not all that can be rented from a triathlon store. Instead, there are two separate options swimmers can choose from. There is sleeveless suit option, ideal for competing in warmer climates or during the summer. For cooler climates and colder months, long-sleeve options are a better choice. Aside from the sleeve length, is it is also important to note that each person can rent a suit that is fitted to them. A store worker will help renters find a suit to rent that fits their precise measurements. This ensures it is as comfortable as possible during the race.

A Triathlon Store possesses everything one needs to compete in a triathlon safely. This includes a wetsuit rental for the swimming portion of the event. With a rental available, each person hoping to compete can get a suitable suit to meet their needs and keep them warm during the event.

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