Thinking About Building Retaining Walls? 5 Points to Know

Installing walls to keep soil back in your garden can be the right addition to your property. Here are a few helpful pointers to make sure you make the most out of the money and time you invest in this project:

Consider the size

Anything under four feet is going to be easy enough to plan for and pull off, says the DIY Network. However, anything taller than that will require the skills of a pro. That’s why hiring a contractor to take care of those retaining walls in Walnut Creek CA is a smart first step.

Hire right

Working with bad contractors can bring a wealth of problems. If the last thing you want is to deal with megadoses of frustration and hassle, then exercise care and caution. Look for a reputable contractor or company to get the job done.

Draw up a contract

Cover your bases by drawing up a contract. Be sure it’s thorough and that it includes all the necessary information about the project, from start and end dates to all the services the contractor will take care of on his end and everything else in between.

Play with shapes

The structures don’t have to be boring straight walls every single time. You could go for circular or round shapes to add movement to your designs. Work with an experienced contractor for retaining walls in Walnut Creek CA to know more.

Read and ask

Doing your own research will help too. Put together a list of questions. Collect photos and articles online for references. These should make it easier for contractors to know what you want, making the work go that much easier.

Factor in your lifestyle

You can look for ways to incorporate the wall into your living spaces. A skilled contractor can come up with options that hit the mark.


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