Things to Look for in a Business Development Coach

The quickest and easiest way to learn about a business is by utilizing business development training in Salisbury, NC. Business coaches can offer experience and the information that comes from that experience, so you have fewer hurdles to manage on your own. But what should you look for in a coach? We’ve come up with a list to help answer this question!

A Dose of Experience
This is the most important thing to ask for. You want to know what this person has accomplished and whether it lines up with what you are looking to accomplish. Real life experiences are wonderful education and the insights from them can make or break a business. Ask for references and speak to former clients to find out if the person has what you need.

A Good Attitude
Experience may be king, but attitude is then the queen. You want to have someone coaching you who is approachable, slow to frustrate or anger, and capable of looking at the big picture. They’ll be persistent but know when to be patient. They will offer you insight on the aspects of business that matter most to you.

After you’ve found someone with the right experience and attitude, they have to be available to be an asset to you. When are they available and what is their schedule like? Do they show interest and concern in the things that matter to you? What other commitments do they have that might cut into your needed time. Talk about these things before choosing as they will have a large impact on how successful the business development training in Salisbury, NC is.

While you will have the expectation of being educated, look for a mentor who has expectations for you as well. A coach worth their salt is going to tell you what they expect form you and when. They’ll work with you to make sure you’re capable of what is needed. A great instructor will know to step back and choose not to coach you if you don’t have the time needed to do the steps involved.

Training & Consultation
Bright Ideas is a group that is focused on helping you turn all your dreams into your new reality. We offer business coaching, as well as organizational and personal development. We provide webinars, courses, and workshops to help you succeed. To learn more you can contact us at


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