How SSI Advocates Near Temecula, CA Can Help You

In California, supplemental security income is a form of disability benefits. The Social Security Administration assesses all claims for the benefits and reviews eligibility. The agency must provide a reason if a claimant is denied the benefits. SSI Advocates near Temecula CA help claimants file legal claims after they are denied the benefits.

Seeking Additional Medical Records

Disability claims are stronger with adequate medical evidence. Patients give their consent for the release of their medical records by signing the right forms. An attorney helps the patients acquire copies from all doctors who treated them when an issue arises. All medical records are submitted when the claimant sends in their application.

Exploring Income Restrictions for Claimants

The SSI recipients face household income restrictions. The household income for single claimants can’t exceed $2,000 and $3,000 if they are married. The household income is evaluated when the initial claim is processed. Claimants who receive SSI are monitored for increases in their household income.

What Income isn’t Used to Approve Claims?

Certain income is excluded in an SSI claim. All income tax returns are excluded and aren’t counted as earned income. The first $20 of unearned income, $65 of earned income, payments for medical care, food stamps, and funds for housing aren’t counted as income.

Transitioning into Adulthood

Minors who receive SSI must undergo a new evaluation at the age of eighteen. The SSA requires new assessments by their doctors to confirm that the condition still exists. The appointments are scheduled, and a letter is sent to the claimant. It doesn’t matter if the claimant has existing records of the condition. The appointments are a formality required by the SSA. If approved, the claimant continues to receive monthly SSI payments.

In California, minors and adults receive SSI with a qualifying condition. The payments include the standard government value with the state-based allowances. A qualifying condition prevents the claimant from working in any industry. It is either mental or physical and imposes limitations and/or a debilitating state. Claimants who need help after a denial contact SSI Advocates near Temecula CA by visiting and scheduling an appointment right now.


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