Things to Know Before Hiring Truck Drivers from a Recruiting Agency

Jacksonville area truck driver staffing agencies take the stress and guesswork out of hiring temporary, or permanent, legally licensed truck drivers. Hiring a truck driver is a challenging, time-consuming, and costly process involving not just an interview process, but also thorough background checks, work history verification, licensing and MVR screenings, DOT physical and drug testing procedures, badge credential verification, and a host of other processes that can use up valuable company resources. Without a truck driver staffing agency, a company would need to hire a team of specialists who understand the legal requirements of truck drivers in Jacksonville and who can handle all the human resource processes and procedures. A recruiting agency in Jacksonville can take care of all the hard work, so that all you have to do before hiring a truck driver is know how many drivers you need and for what length of time.

Truck driver staffing agencies understand the frequent and ongoing need for temporary truck drivers in Jacksonville. In addition to temporary truck drivers, staffing agencies can offer assistance locating quality labor in a number of different related skilled and unskilled areas, including but not limited to: warehouse workers, lumpers, mechanics, and logistical workers. Specializations in hazardous materials and other needs can also be taken into account. Before hiring a temporary truck driving staff, it is important to understand which Class CDL is required and what the DOT requires for the drivers and their individual routes. However diverse a company’s truck fleet and transportation needs, a truck driver staffing agency can work with that company to locate temporary drivers with the correct experience, licensing, and certifications. All drivers hired through a truck driver staffing agency will also be pre-cleared for DUI and other government checks. Over the road hauling and transportation is often seasonal or temporary work and truck driver staffing agencies are the ideal method for streamlining these types of routes. The overall costs associated with hiring temporary truck drivers will be considerably lower when using a truck driver staffing agency in Jacksonville.


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