Teeth Implants in Nassau County, NY: A Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Losing teeth, whether it’s one tooth or multiple teeth, is never a good thing. It could happen because of a dental condition, because of an accident, or as a result of some sort of trauma. However, there are ways the teeth can be replaced. There are the standard methods such as a partial or a full set of dentures or bridgework. However, with Teeth Implants in Nassau County NY, a person may have a much better option than dentures or bridgework.

From an appearance standpoint, missing multiple teeth can make a person feel extremely self-conscious. However, it can also radically change a person’s jawline, giving them a much different look, and sometimes not a pleasing one. Multiple missing teeth can also affect speaking and, in some more extreme circumstances, can even affect how a person chews their food.

Dentures and bridgework offer acceptable options when multiple teeth are missing. However, even losing one tooth can significantly compromise the structural integrity of a person’s jawbone. In actuality, the jawline can gradually shrink over time. What this does is create a loose-fitting set of dentures or loose-fitting bridgework. The strain a person’s jawline will be under to tighten up so the bridgework or dentures don’t slide around can cause a great deal of discomfort. However, dental implants solve these problems.

Fortunately, with Teeth Implants in Nassau County NY, a person can have missing teeth replaced that fit perfectly within their existing dental structure. These teeth are permanent, unlike bridgework or dentures. They can be fashioned to look exactly like surrounding teeth so a person won’t have the odd pearly white tooth with existing teeth that are slightly aged or stained. Not only does this help a person from an appearance standpoint, an implant can also help relieve painful conditions, help people chew food better, speak more clearly, and promote a healthier jawline.

If you’re one of those people that are missing multiple teeth, while bridgework and dentures may be the more affordable and convenient option, dental implants make the most sense. They are permanent solutions that can greatly improve a person’s self-confidence and the way their teeth look as well as alleviating discomfort or painful conditions due to missing teeth. If you’d like to know more about dental implants, Visit Us for more information.


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