Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Child Custody Lawyer in Chicago

So now, you have been married to each other for a while and probably have had a child together. Things between you two are not going as well as hoped for on the day you married.

Unfortunately, you are probably contemplating a divorce now, and need some clarification on what the legal consequences are, regarding your child, post-divorce. Getting an attorney for child custody in Chicago can provide you with pertinent legal information and give you advice regarding the future of your child consequent to your divorce.

Things to Consider

When it comes to child custody, Chicago, attorneys consider the following questions when they fight child custody cases on behalf of their clients:

  • Which parent does the child want to live with?
  • What do the parents want regarding the child?
  • How is the relationship between the child and each parent?
  • Mental ability and physical capacity of both parents involved and the child.
  • What adjustment does the child need to make, like going to live in a new location or study at a new school?
  • Physical and domestic violence history, as well as criminal records of both parents.
  • How each parent will continue a relationship with the other, for the well-being of the child?

How reputed, successful, experienced, and economic are the attorneys who will represent your case in court?

There may be other factors to consider before you select your lawyer for your divorce and child custody case, but these cover the main criteria to help with selecting a good attorney to fight your case in court.

Your Attorneys

Contact the offices of  Michael C. Craven for an obligation free consultation either through the contact form on their webpage or by calling them on 312-621-5234.

Attorney Michael C. Craven has had more than 25 years of experience successfully fighting for child custody in Chicago, for his clients, and comes from a family of lawyers.


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