Things to Ask an Air Conditioning Contractor in McDonough, GA

An air conditioning unit ensures cool temperatures inside the home during the warmer months. But to continue to take full advantage of this appliance and ensure the system runs smoother for years, it is important to perform regular maintenance. Hiring an air conditioning contractor in McDonough, GA is the only way to ensure this happens correctly.

Why is routine maintenance necessary?

What’s more unpleasant than an air conditioner that unexpectedly quits during the summer? There are not many things more unpleasant. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, regular HVAC system maintenance is essential.

Maintenance will help extend the life of the machine and ensure its proper functioning. In addition, the air conditioner will consume less electricity and, above all, the air that it emits inside the home will remain healthy. Because poor or nonexistent HVAC maintenance can lead to the development of bacteria such as Legionella, it is extremely important to schedule it twice a year.

Air conditioning filters tend to trap particles from the air, which means they should be checked. Only a reliable air conditioning contractor in McDonough, GA should perform this task.

Simple AC maintenance

Homeowners can perform regular maintenance on their own air conditioning unit, that is, in most cases. To do this, all they have to do is dust off the air outlets from the indoor unit (if applicable) and clean the ventilation and condensation systems as well as the ducts. Beyond the health risks, a dirty filter can affect the thermal efficiency of the unit.

It is, therefore, necessary to regularly dust and clean unit’s filters. Every month, homeowners should clean their filter with soapy water or switch it out. And if it is a charcoal filter, it is recommended that you change it twice a year.

As for the outdoor unit, it is important that nothing hinders its operation. It is important that any objects placed in immediate proximity be moved because they will likely to prevent the unit from circulating air properly. To boot, homeowners should regularly clean their outdoor unit with a dry cloth or a damp sponge if it is really very dirty.

All these tips should help owners ensure the continuity and proper functioning of their system. For more information, contact Premier Heating & Air.


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