Do You Need a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore MD?

Sometimes, catching pests in your house is difficult, in part because you and pests do not think of your home in the same manner. Pests see your home as a kind of extension of the wild, so they are foraging for food, hiding in what they see as safe spaces, and avoiding larger animals. That can make it difficult to know if you need a pest exterminator or not. If you have an insect infestation, it is often easier to see. Insects don’t do much in the way of thinking; rodents, on the other hand, can be much more difficult to catch sight of.


Rodents tend to have long claws relative to the size of their fingers, which means their claws hit the ground whenever they walk. That’s how you can hear them moving around on hardwood and linoleum. They tend to move into small spaces such as the attic and the walls, so if you hear scratching in the walls, it is strong evidence of a rodent presence. A pest exterminator in Baltimore MD can tell you what sort of pest you’re facing and how to get rid of it.

Eaten Food

Rodents have very keen noses, they can smell food even though its packaging. If you think you have a rodent presence, looking for evidence of eaten food is very helpful. Rodents tend to chew through packaging to eat the food inside. They don’t do this in the open, though. They usually drag the food to some hidden spot. That means you’ll have to look pretty hard to find where they have hidden the food in your house. If you turn up any eaten food or just hear rodents in the walls, call a pest exterminator immediately.

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