The Swatch Card Is Essential to Businesses in Design and Apparel

If you work in apparel or design the swatch card may be vital to the growth of business. It is a portable way of letting clients see and feel samples of fabric and material.

By presenting the actual fabric or material, colors are accurately shown. This cannot always be said when a color is reproduced by printing because inconsistencies do occur.

Card Types

Types of this card include the 4-panel card, perhaps showcasing leather, and the 3-panel card, perhaps presenting faux suede. The Waterfall card may put the spotlight on leather or another fabric or material. This kind of surface-mounted card presents swatches that overlap slightly. This arrangement allows your client to view more of the material.

Clients often want to feel the material on this kind of card too. By doing this, they can note thickness, texture, and durability. This type of card, like many others, can be presented in a ring binder. Add the Island card with a saddle-stitched brochure, the Windowed card, and specialty cards, perhaps showcasing felt, to the other available cards.

How Card Producers Help Their Clients

Companies well-established in sampling guide newbies through the process, saving them time and unnecessary aggravation. Operations that use fully automated swatch machines consistently produce cards that businesses can be proud of.

If you have a longtime presence in an industry that uses swatch cards, use one of these companies. Then you can spend your time on matters other than the details involved in getting a card that presents


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