The Signs of Heroin Abuse

In many cases, it’s family and friends who identify drug use and attempt to get their loved ones the help they need to overcome the addiction. However, in order to identify the presence of heroin abuse, it’s critical for individuals to be aware of what to look for. It’s also essential to understand exhibiting one or several of the signs isn’t a guarantee. The following are symptoms

Sleep Disturbances

Individuals who are taking heroin on a regular basis will experience contradictory sleep issues as a result. People who are addicted to heroin will experience extreme sleepiness at odd times of the day, with short bursts of being extremely alert after taking even small doses of the drugs. They may also be lethargic and apathetic, particularly toward activities they once enjoyed.

Health Changes

Heroin abuse can take a toll on the body, creating a number of seemingly minor health problems that can point toward a much larger problem. Nausea is a primary concern, often accompanied by a number of other digestive issues, such as diarrhea and cramping. Excessive stomach acid can also contribute to increased tooth decay. Dry mouth and constricted pupils are also often noted among heroin addicts.

Physical Signs

Health changes aren’t the only symptoms you should watch for. Those who practice heroin abuse will exhibit some physical signs as well. The most notable and telling indicator is the presence of injection marks on the extremities, sometimes even between the fingers or toes in an attempt to hide them. Personal hygiene and the way individuals treat their treasured belongings may also deteriorate over time.

Identifying heroin abuse is essential if you want to get your loved one help. If your friend or family member is exhibiting the signs of a drug problem, visit the Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinic and contact them today.


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