Marijuana as Medicine – Clearing the Fog of Misconception

Legal marijuana is a topic of much debate and discussion. Though medical professionals have long touted the potential benefits of its use in medical and therapeutic applications, its use as a recreational drug still bothers many. As time moves forward however, we are seeing more acceptance of the substance in medical settings and other applications as well. This may well be because understanding of its positive attributes is spreading, as is the truth about previous misconceptions.

What Does Cannabis Really Do?

There has been a great deal of misunderstanding about the potential dangers of using marijuana. While using any product that has the capability to alter the mood or state of mind carries potential risk, there are actually far fewer hazards in cannabis use than in use of similar substances such as tobacco, alcohol and even many prescription medications. Certified retailers of cannabis products – such as Canada’s own Tamarack Dispensaries – are looking to change public perception of marijuana products by offering quality products that can be used for therapy and recreational enjoyment, alike.

Some of the potential health benefits of medical cannabis include:

Control of epilepsy and seizures

Treatment of mental health and mood disorders

Pain relief without the side effects of narcotics

Can treat stomach and bowel disorders and aid in digestion

Can protect the brain from injury and trauma, as well as help repair damage after an incident

The recognition of these myriad benefits has led to the increasing availability of legal marijuana across North America.

An Application for Everyone

A common response to the proposition of marijuana as a medication in many potential patients is that they are uncomfortable with the drug in its common or “street” form. That is to say, they don’t want to smoke or inhale the vapor from the product. However, there are many other avenues of ingestion available to today’s user, including marijuana edibles, topical treatments such as oils and creams, and much more.

Cannabis usage isn’t for everyone, but it is for just about anyone who might be interested in its many advantages. There is an application appropriate for anyone who suffers from pain, wants to sleep better or deal with fewer symptoms of a plethora of diseases, or simply wants to relax a little. No matter the approach, the benefits are the same.


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