The Satisfaction of a Whole Foods Coffee Bar

There are several different products on the market that are marketed to provide energy and to also assist in staying awake and maintaining mental alertness. However, many of these products are full of artificial chemicals and ingredients, and others are not satisfying and filling.

When considering if a whole foods coffee bar that uses whole, natural ingredients is a better option, compare the following factors before making a choice.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are designed to provide energy, which they do at levels often higher than well tolerated by most individuals. This is why people feel anxious, jittery or even as if their heart and thoughts are racing after consuming these drinks.

Additionally, unlike consuming a whole foods coffee bar, there is no nutritional value in these drinks. This means the nutrients your body and brain needs for focus, a workout or just getting through the morning or the afternoon is not available.

Coffee is similar in its comparison to a coffee bar made with whole foods such as dates and oats. Some types of coffees, particularly those prepared by your favorite barista, are often extremely high in calories and sugar.

Breakfast Bars

There are some breakfast bars that offer wholesome ingredients, but they do not offer the caffeine. These bars can be a way to fill you up as a snack between meals or pre or post workout, but they do not provide the extra boost of energy.

To get the two in combination, look for a whole foods coffee bar. Read the labels and look for the healthy, natural, whole food ingredients combined with coffee. The best options in these energy and snack bars provide about 80mg of caffeine, which is the same amount as found in a typical cup of home-brewed coffee.


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