The Benefits of Eating Date Energy Bars

There are a lot of different foods that seem to come and go as fads or the latest in exotic tasting options to add to healthy treats and snacks. There are also some very traditional foods that have been used since the earliest civilizations and are still recognized for their health benefits.

Dates are once such food item. Caffeinated date energy bars rarely have a date flavor; rather the dates are used to sweeten the bars naturally and to dramatically reduce the need for additional sugar to be added. However, dates are more than just sweeteners for these date energy bars.

Taking a closer look at the benefits of eating dates helps you to see why choosing energy bars with this ingredient is a great choice for a handy breakfast or a quick go-to snack at any time. Always look at the full ingredient list when making a choice for a healthy snack.

Highly Nutritious

In addition to adding natural sweetness to the energy bar, dates are also high in fiber, which helps to slow down digestion and allow you to feel more satisfied. They provide about 20% of the daily recommended amount of potassium and about 12% of the recommended intake of Vitamin B6.

They are also a good source of antioxidants, which help with both healing and immunity. While a sweet, dried fruit, they are actually relatively low the glycemic index (GI) which means they are helpful in blood sugar regulation and prevent slumps in energy.

When date energy bars also contain protein and complex carbs from natural ingredients such as nut butters and gluten-free rolled oats, they become a great source of nutrition for any time of the day. By choosing a caffeinated type of energy bar with dates, you will get an additional energy boost while still enjoying a healthy snack.


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