The Role Of A Veterinary Surgeon

When your pet is sick or has been injured it is important that you feel comfortable and have confidence that the veterinarian surgeon has all the right tools and skills to address the problem.

Common pet surgery:

At an affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago the veterinarians understand that pets face many different situations, any one of which can easily end up with injuries that require surgical intervention. The surgeons are faced with emergency situations to deal with broken bones from being hit by a car to the routine spaying or neutering of dogs and cats. The most common types of surgeries carried out on pets include:

* Repairing torn muscles
* Removing benign tumors
* Treatment of ongoing ear infections
* Performing a C-Section to aid with the delivery of a litter
* The removal of foreign objects


The length of time it will take for the animal to recover is dependent on the severity of the surgery, the location and the type of treatment. As the owner you can always be sure that the veterinarians will provide complete details of the procedure and the anticipated time to recover. The best affordable veterinary surgery in Chicago will have medical boarding facilities where your pet can get whatever aftercare is needed.

Once you take your pet home you will want to keep it calm and limit its movement for a period of time. If your pet was treated for a broken bone or torn muscles the recovery time can be quite long. The veterinarian surgeon that performed the procedure will be in the best position to advise you on what to expect during the recovery time as well as showing you the best ways to protect your pet during the recovery period. It is very important that you follow the recommendations of the vet to ensure your pet fully recovers and returns to his or her active life. Contact Metropolitan Veterinary Center at for more details.


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