Can My Benefits Be Stopped for any Reason?

Unfortunately, disability benefits are sometimes revoked. To give you a sense of what to do in this scenario, this article will look into the various reasons why your benefits can be revoked, and how to prevent/solve the situation.

The reasons that disability benefits might be stopped are two-fold: you do ‘substantial’ work or is you recover. But what does that mean? According to the SSA, in 2016, if you earned an average amount each month of $1,130 or more, than the SSA will consider your level of work substantial, and they will stop your benefits. This number is actually higher if you are blind. If you are blind, your disability will stop if you earn $1,820 a month or more. These numbers are not exact. The SSA has some wiggle room in determining what they believe is “substantial” work, but these are the averages for 2016.

Your disability benefits also may be revoked if the SSA believes that your medical condition improves to the point that they no longer consider you to be disabled. As you might imagine, this is also highly contingent on the opinion of the SSA. It is also important to note here that, if you are receiving disability benefits, and you meet one or both of these conditions, that you are responsible for contacting the Social Security Administration and reporting the improvement to your disability condition or any change in your employment.

Because both of these factors are dependent on the judgement of the SSA, that means you have the ability to contest the revoking of your benefits. The process, however, can be very detailed and difficult to navigate. Fortunately, there are a number of disability attorneys in North Carolina that can help you move through this process and get the disability benefits that you deserve. Consider speaking with an attorney at The Clauson Law Firm. They offer a free disability case review that can help you determine the best process for moving forward.


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