The Rebuilding of Transmissions in Tempe for Older Vehicles Is a Welcome Option

Automotive technology has improved dramatically over the years, and people are routinely driving their vehicles now for 200,000 miles and more. Eventually, it’s likely that one of the largest components will develop a serious problem or fail altogether. An engine piston might quit working, or a valve might malfunction. In other cases, the transmission might not shift into high gear, or there might be a long delay when shifting into reverse. When the transmission acts up on an old car, the owner must decide whether to start shopping for a newer one or bring it to a garage that repairs Transmissions in Tempe.

It’s always advisable to bring a vehicle with a malfunctioning transmission to a shop such as AZ Auto Crafters to at least learn what has gone wrong. Many vehicle owners are greatly relieved to discover that the problem is something relatively simple, like a vacuum line leak. Other times, the problem is something more major, such as a faulty valve or a broken component that requires a complete transmission rebuild.

It may be surprising to some people, but many vehicle owners choose the complete rebuild option from a garage that repairs Transmissions in Tempe. They know they’ve taken excellent care of their car or pickup truck. Perhaps they even bought it brand new and have maintained it with tender loving care. There’s no rust to be concerned about since the Phoenix area doesn’t have to salt roads for icy conditions, so the body still looks superb. Why get a newer vehicle that would cost many thousands more than having the transmission fixed?

After leaving the automobile at a shop that repairs Transmissions in Tempe for a few days, the customer arrives back on the scene and is pleased to discover that the transmission works like new. Everything operates smoothly, and all problems have been resolved. That person might get another 100,000 miles out of the vehicle before a different major component acts up. It feels good to get on the highway and notice the subtle, automatic shifting that takes place between gears and enjoy the sense of the downshift when it’s time to pass a slowpoke on a two-lane road.


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