The Practical Nature Of Specialty Graphite Across Diverse Applications

Graphite is an allotropic form of carbon that is both naturally occurring as well as made from coke. In fact, the only diamonds and graphite are naturally occurring polymers of carbon. While very different from each other, graphite plays an important role in many different industries and applications.

Currently, the majority of specialty graphite is used in the manufacturing of steel. In this application, graphite is used to form lines for the crucibles as well as ladles used in large industrial furnaces. It is also combined with other materials, including carbon, to create bricks and graphite rods that are used in steel processing.

Other Important Applications

In the specialty graphite market, there are other applications that are increasing their use of graphite due to its lower cost, excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability as well as its very high melting point. These benefits are also combined with a low density, which makes it a practical option, particularly with the larger graphite components.

One of the common applications for specialty graphite is in the fire prevention. Graphite can be used to create an expansible material that will perform even in very high temperature without changing its physical properties. This makes it ideal for construction applications where the graphite can be used as a sealant to block the spread of fire.

In a similar fashion, many types of Original Equipment Manufacturers use graphite as a material to provide thermal management on specific components. It also offers reinforcing potential and, with the low density, can be used on everything from brakes for vehicles to the production of Li-ion batteries.

With more demand for graphite in specialty applications, many graphite suppliers have expanded the options they provide. This can include graphite blocks, rounds, and rods, which can be customized to meet the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers across various industries.


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