An Overview Of the Benefits Of Carbon Graphite Material

There are several different types of carbon graphite material used across a range of different industries. The specific properties of carbon and graphite make it ideal for specific types of components such as bearings, bushings, and seals, but it can also be used in construction, fireproofing, thermal management, electrodes or as raw material for companies that specialize in custom machining.

All carbon graphite material is a combination of carbon as well as different additives that are inorganic in nature. This creates a composite material that allows for the desirable traits of each of the materials to be added to the basic properties of carbon.

There are several important characteristics or properties that these materials offer. Understanding the benefits of the composite materials and comparing pricing, options, and supply will help in determining the best match for any application.

High Thermal and Electrical Conductivity

In smelting, electric arc furnaces, for electrodes and machining companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers, the use of carbon graphite material for high thermal conductivity is always important. This allows for even heat distribution and also durability in high-temperature applications, including in both low and high powered electric arc furnaces.

At the same time, this material maintains its strength at high temperatures. By using a composite rather than a single compound based material the issues with loss of strength with increasing temperatures can be eliminated.

Additionally, this material is highly electrically conductive. In EAFs this is a critical factor, allowing for a controlled, continuous current supply for the process, which is essential.


The cost of this composite material, considering the durability and the benefits, is very reasonable. There are differences with suppliers, so it is important to shop different companies for not just the price of the material but also the ability to ship orders with short turnaround times and reasonable freight costs.


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