The Popularity of Clam Chowder Among Seafood Lovers

There is nothing better than a bowl of piping hot and delicious clam chowder soup on a rainy day. Clams are a popular seafood that has a lot of health benefits. Chowder is a soup prepared using clams and broth. It is a very popular dish among the North Americans.

What is Clam Chowder?

This is a delicious soup prepared with clams and broth, using additional ingredients such as potatoes, onions and celery. Carrots, along with parsley, is used in some places to garnish the dish. In some areas, they use bay leaves for garnish as it adds to the color. There are many varieties of chowder that can be prepared easily. The most common types of clam chowder are:

1. Delaware style: This dish is prepared using fried slices of pork, potatoes, salt water, onions and pepper.
2. Long Island style: Long Island style is a mix of both New England style chowder and Manhattan style clam chowder. It is a creamy tomato chowder soup famous among restaurants in New York.
3. Manhattan style: Manhattan style uses a red broth that is tomato based. It was the idea of the Portuguese to use tomato instead of milk or cream. Potatoes, onions and bell pepper are also added.
4. New England style: New England style is also known as Boston Clam Chowder. It is a milky or creamy based soup that is thicker in consistency. The main ingredient of New England chowder is potatoes, clams and onions.

Why is it Popular Among Seafood Lovers?

Many restaurants serve clam chowders as it is very popular among seafood lovers. Most people prefer to eat clam chowders instead of meat especially on Fridays. Clam chowder is considered a good meal at any time of the day especially on a cold day. Because of the health benefits of clams and the ease of preparation, the popularity of clam chowders is on the rise.

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