The Many Types Of Laser Treatment Available In Adelaide

Since 1994, lasers have been used in dental practices around the world to treat many problems. While some institutions may disagree or believe that they aren’t needed, dentists use them regularly and find that they help with a variety of treatments. If you’re considering laser treatment in Adelaide for dental needs, you may want to learn about the various options available.

Tooth Decay

National Periodontics uses lasers for many reasons, including treating tooth decay. Laser treatment in Adelaide for tooth decay includes using lasers to remove the decayed material from a tooth, and prepare the enamel to receive the filling.

Gum Disease

Lasers can also be used to treat gum disease. They can reshape the gums and remove harmful bacteria during a root canal procedure.

Teeth Whitening

Almost every dental office offers tooth whitening with lasers. The bleaching or peroxide solution is applied to your teeth, and then lasers are used to activate the solution. This can speed up the process of whitening and make the teeth much whiter than other treatment options in Adelaide.

Lesion Removal/Biopsy

A laser can also be used to remove small pieces of tissue to test them for cancer and other conditions. They can also relieve pain from canker sores and remove lesions and repair cuts.


Dentists believe that lasers can be better than traditional drills in most cases. For one, they usually cause less pain than the drill. You may require less anaesthesia for the procedure, and the procedure can be done faster, as well.

For those who are scared of dental drills, you may find that you’re less anxious or nervous about going to the dentist if you know that they use lasers. You may also find that you heal faster after extensive procedures because there is less bleeding and swelling.


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