The do’s and don’ts of handling and keynote speaker

Are you planning on hiring a professional Personal Development Speaker in Westlake Village, CA? Here are a few unconventional tips that might just make the difference between a successful and bland event;


Most seminars will likely have different programs. Pressed for time, most meeting planners usually find themselves scheduling their keynotes during or after lunch. This might seem like a good idea, but having the keynote compete with lunch, or the digestion thereafter is definitely not a good idea.

The preparation

This is one of the most sensitive elements when dealing with keynote speakers. First, the event planner must remember that there should be a delicate balance between what they want and the brand of the keynote speaker. Insisting that they modify their speech to go in a particular direction is never a good idea. Further, do not demand to see the slides beforehand especially if the aim is to distribute them to the audience. First, this spoils the element of suspense, which is important to delivering the message. For the keynote speaker, this might be difficult because most of the time they will still be tweaking their presentations on the plane as they travel. On the other hand, it helps to have some sort of preview, both for internal and external marketing. Have the keynote speaker talk up their presentations with a short clip.

Presentation management

Not all keynote speeches can be as short and precise as event organizers want them to be. First, do not leave everything to the keynote speaker if the presentation is lengthy. Add a mix of humor and breaks with a fun emcee, one who will is lively and will help your audience get through the long day and be relaxed enough to grasp concepts. Another idea is to create breaks in between and not pack everything in. have some networking opportunities besides lunch and supper. Do not offer multiple concurrent sessions; the participants will end up feeling overwhelmed by the choices.


In the past, keynote speakers would be booked as far as a year in advance. Today, the booking time can be as short as a few months. There is no right or wrong approach here. The booking period will depend on the nature of the event and the choice of speaker. Watch our video on youtube.

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