The Interesting Field Of Electrical Engineering In Dalton, GA

Electrical engineers play a major role in industry and technology. It is a perfect career for those who love to experiment. They conceptualize, build and test electrical equipment. Examples include motors, navigation systems and communication systems. A project can be as small as a light bulb and as large as the GPS in a car. Most electrical engineers hold a bachelor’s degree and have performed some type of internship. The best candidates think critically, love math and understand electrical theories.

Interestingly, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse are considered pioneers in this field. Those who work in Electrical Engineering in Dalton GA may work in a large firm. That is because most large firms employ different types of engineers. These may include geothermal, mechanical and solar engineers. Geothermal engineers learn how to create electricity out of natural resources like coal. On the other hand, solar engineers work on the best ways to harness the sun’s power. Mechanical engineers are experts at designing and building machines.

There are lots of examples of projects that engineers work on together. An example of a large project would be a movie theater. The power and communication systems would be handled by an electrical engineer. They may also work with other engineers on projects like a power plant. For instance, a geothermal engineer needs help to design and to buildi a power plant. The electrical engineer would be responsible for transformers, switches and anything that generates electricity.

Electrical engineers often take basic, small devices and transform them for use in major projects. These common electrical systems include conductors, magnets, inductors and switches. The engineer looks at the plans for a project and comes up with ideas for the electrical work. For example, NASA may need special switches to place on a launch pad. Likewise, the military may need a special semiconductor for a new weapons system. The electrical engineer would need to look at the plans and come up with a prototype. Further, they have to test the prototype until it works perfectly. It sounds like an interesting and lucrative field. Labor Department figures show starting salaries begin at $90,000. For more information,


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