3 Ways To Create Displays Using Panel-Clips

by | Jan 13, 2017 | aluminum


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There are very few retail outlets that won’t tell you that the biggest problem in their store is a lack of quality display space to really highlight their merchandise. Using traditional types of pre-fabricated displays, shelving and racks this may be the truth, but with the right types of equipment, you can find creative ways to add to your display possibilities.

Look Up

One of the secrets of finding more display space is to look at the walls and not on the floor. This is where the use of panel-clips comes in as these durable, strong and easy to install clips can hold heavy items, large and bulky items and even irregularly shaped items with ease.

All panel-clips may also be called Z clips because of their design. One of the ends of the Z will attach to the wall, leaving a lip or an edge that sticks up and slightly out from the wall. The second Z clip attaches to the item to be mounted to the wall, but this time the open area surrounded by the lip is down.

The two sizes of the clip connect with each other and lock into place. This connected area can be two inches, six inches or a foot with standard lengths and they can be custom cut longer if required.

Add Shelves

To break up a large area of hanging items on walls, using Z clips to add shelves, cubes and even retro looking fixtures is a great opportunity to highlight collections of items that work with the hanging garment. Shelves around a dress could display shoes, purses, scarves and jewelry items, adding a whole new look and more collection-based marketing possibilities.

Increase the Wow Factor

Mirrors and unique signs and artwork in a store is a way to create a unique look. By using panel-clips even heavier items such as mirrors can be easily secured to the wall.

As the panel clips can be longer to support more weight, they are also going to be more secure, giving you the freedom to choose those really unique items that may have been too difficult to try to hang without the use of Z clips.

Keep in mind, reorganization using these clips is a lot easier. Just lift up and out and items are instantly removed, giving you the option to make changes suits the season and the style of the store.

Panel-clips offer a secure, completely hidden way to add to the display possibilities in any retail store. Eagle Mouldings offers a range of different Z clips and display options, just see us online at www.eagle-aluminum.com.

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