The Importance of Truck Lift Gate Safety

If your trucks need to deliver large, bulky, and heavy items, worker safety is a major concern. High-quality materials like Waltco Liftgate equipment can make it easier and safer for your workers in Fresno Ca. However, even the best tools can cause problems in the hands of inexperienced or untrained people. Here are some important tips to remember to keep everyone safe from harm.


Drivers should always inspect lifting equipment before each use. It only takes a few minutes to make sure there are no hydraulic leaks or things lodged in gears and other components. This can prevent many problems which may lead to injuries, and it also saves you on downtime. If problems are discovered, make sure your drivers report all of them.

Understand Capacities

Even tough and durable Waltco Liftgate equipment has its limitations and everyone in your Fresno Ca business needs to be aware of this fact. For example, a medium-duty liftgate with 1600 pound capacity is not designed to handle loads weighing one ton or more. If you have heavy-duty needs, make sure to buy equipment made for the job. If not, it could fail and may result in injuries.

Secure Everything before Operating Your Lifting Equipment

Park the truck on a level surface when possible. Make sure the emergency brake is set on the truck. Do not let customers or other people get near the equipment while it is in operation. Your Waltco Liftgate will give your Fresno Ca business many years of dependable service. However, it should never be used for jobs it is not designed to do. For example, lift gates are not scaffolds, and no one should ever engage in horseplay while operating a piece of lifting equipment. These rules may seem simple, but they can save you a lot of pain and headaches.

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