The Importance of Dust Suppression Systems

If you have ever been in a dusty room and tried to breathe, you can appreciate the benefits of dust suppression systems. In fact, these systems can be very effective for eliminating dust and odors. Here is information on dust and odor control systems which you may not be aware of.

Types of Dust Suppression Systems

There are two main methods for suppressing dust. One may use dry or wet suppression. For example:

  • Dry suppression – this kind of system works with filters. Air is sucked into the filtration system and is then trapped. This system has a limited effect on some kinds of dust, but can be effective in small areas.
  • Wet suppression – a wet system works with water or other liquids. However, the liquid is sprayed in an extremely fine mist. These systems utilize pumps, filters, water lines, and special nozzles. They can be very effective for large areas and even for out of door applications. In some large industrial applications special chemicals are used instead of water. However, water is used most often.

Where are Dust Suppression Systems Used?

You will find dust suppression in many kinds of industrial environments known for generating dust. Here are some of the industries which benefit from this technology:

  • Mining operations
  • Steel mills
  • Grain mills and grain storage facilities – this is very important as grain dust can become explosive in some situations.
  • Power plants which utilize coal fed generators – this includes any operation using coal for fuel.
    Military uses

Benefits of Dust Suppression

Suppressing dust has many benefits, and here are some important advantages of dust suppression systems:

  • Better vision for safety in the workplace
  • Keep machinery and equipment free from contaminants – this makes maintenance easier and can increase the life expectancy of equipment.
  • Reduce the risk of fire or explosions
  • Cleaner air to breathe and a healthier work environment
  • Helps businesses comply with federal and local regulations

What are the Best Dust Suppression Systems?

Water mist systems can be very effective and they can also be used to cool down the ambient temperature. Also, mist systems are currently being used for effective odor control in environments with solid waste. Odor removal chemicals can be released in a mist and this helps to control important gases like carbon dioxide and methane (which can be lethal in high concentrations). These systems are more efficient than standard air injection methods and can help many companies reduce their operating costs.

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