Bring the Beach Home With Watercolors

There is nothing quite like relaxing at your favorite beach spot. The sea breeze is whipping through your hair, the sun is caressing your face, and the sound of seagulls fills your ears. If only you could have a little bit of the surf, sun, and sand all year round. Most of us can agree that the hardest part of a vacation is leaving! Why not bring back a piece of the seaside to your home? Watercolor paintings of the beach are the perfect way to infuse your landlocked location with some oceanic bliss. Yet, you may ask why watercolors?

Wonder and Awe

Do you remember that feeling of awestruck wonder you get when you look out at the waves rolling in? Watercolors are one of the best media to use when you want to achieve that look. Expert artists know how to use the transparency of the paints to simulate the aqua and teal hues of the sea, as well as the white foam that makes its way into the shore. Due to the paints’ wash-like appearance, it is the ideal medium to create the subtle layering and color mixing that portrays the vibrancy of the ocean.

Fun and Free

Moreover, watercolor paintings lend a light and airy feeling to the paper, and it really does the trick in displaying the lighthearted and fun feeling of being beachside. Artists love to have fun and use different colors to capture the scents, sights, and sounds of the coast, with its honky-tonk towns and brilliant nightlife. Even serene landscapes get infused with a newfound sense of excitement and exhilaration with the addition of some bright hues and tones. With easygoing brushstrokes and a sweeping hand, the painter can help to soothe and calm the environment of the picture. On the other hand, they can use swift and sudden brushstrokes to add action and adventure.

A Closer Connection

One of the greatest things about hanging a watercolor painting in your abode is that it gives you closer connections to both the setting it portrays and the painter. You can almost see their hand moving across the paper, blotting colors onto it, and blending the paints to get the mood just right. When you gaze at the work of art, you will see a place of natural beauty and awesome splendor, right there in your home. There are 365 days in a year and odds are you cannot be on the sand for all of them. How about a nice masterpiece to hold you over until your next vacation?


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