The Dentists in Oceanside CA Can Make Your Smile Complete With Implants

It can be embarrassing to smile, knowing you are missing teeth in obvious places. Aside from the cosmetic issue, missing teeth can also make it more difficult to chew and can cause problems with uneven tooth wearing and pain. When teeth are missing, the Dentists in Oceanside CA can offer dental implants to replace them. Implants look like natural teeth and can function just as well. Once they have been placed, implants help a smile to be fully restored and can last a lifetime with proper care.

When a patient comes in seeking information on dental implants, they will first go through a screening process to ensure they meet the requirements. One should be a non-smoker and in fairly good overall health. Those with bone loss in their socket may need to have a bone graft carried out to ensure there will be ample bone in the socket so the titanium implant can be surrounded by bone tissue as the cells grow around it.

Once the dentist has determined a patient is ready for dental implants, they will have the biggest portion of the procedure completed. The placement of the titanium implant is crucial for ensuring the prosthetic tooth will be able to hold up against the immense pressure created during chewing. It takes a few months for the bone to fully grow around the implant, so it becomes a permanent part of the jaw.

Some implants can be assembled all in one visit while some will need to be done in stages. On top of the implant, rests an abutment that is the piece that will join the implant and prosthetic together. It is crucial these are all joined properly so only the prosthetic tooth will show above the gumline. Once the smile is made whole, the Dentists in Oceanside CA will provide routine maintenance to keep the implants in good shape.

Those who are missing teeth no longer have to worry about the appearance of their smile when they have implants put in place. For more information on these and other dental services, visit website. They can make your smile beautiful again.

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