4 Reasons To Use Aluminum T Track

There are a lot of different projects and ideas for using T track or T-slot as a component at home, in the shop or garage or for industrial types of applications. This is a very common type of material and one that is incredibly versatile.

T-slot is often considered to be any configuration of this modular framework and design system. Aluminum T track is most often considered to be the single track option that is inset into or on top of flat surfaces or tables to create tracks. These tracks t can be used to position equipment, provide guides or act as jigs for use in metal and wood working.

The Aluminum Advantage

One of the best reasons to use aluminum T track is the versatility of aluminum. It is lightweight and strong, which means it adds durability but not weight. Aluminum is also very easy to work with and can be easily cut and deburred and finished with basic tools. It is also easy to drill, making a good choice for a novice or an experienced home do-it-yourselfer.

No Rust or Corrosion

With the use of aluminum for workspaces or craft areas, there is a limited risk of corrosion or rust even after years of use. Some of the aluminum t-slot on the market has additional finishing which can include being colored blue, bronze, black, white or a range of other different colors.

This does add another layer of protection to the alloy. Clear finishes provide just as much protection and they are less likely to show minor scratches and rub areas along the track.


The ability to continue to expand and modify the system is another reason to use aluminum T track. There are a wide variety of different fasteners, components, handles and other types of clamps available for the system.

Different manufacturers may offer different components with the t-track system. Most will be interchangeable but this is not a universally sized system and it is important to check measurements for compatibility between systems and components.


With the ability to be inset into a table, used along an edge or used as a frame, track and t-slot has the style and design elements that make it not just practical to use but good looking. It is durable and long lasting, and it is definitely an addition to any workspace that is going to be a well-used component over the years to come.


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