The Dangers of Not Using Opossum Removal in Columbus OH Service

Opossums are cute and beneficial to humans since they dine on pesky insects. However, they are wild animals and meant to stay in the wild. They are not meant to live in your home. An opossum in your yard is okay. An opossum in your home is not. It is illegal to keep an opossum as a pet or try to raise an orphaned possum on your own and release it back into the wild. Opossums find attics, basements and under porches or decks great places to set up burrows. You should not just ignore it and hope it will go away. That’s just too dangerous for you and the opossum. If you need help preventing opossums from getting into your home Click here.

Opossums Can Start Fires

Opossums nibble on anything their mouths can reach to see if it’s good to eat. Unfortunately, they also nibble on materials that can poison or kill it. Even worse, they can nibble on wires which can cause fires. For your sake and the opossums, contact an Opossum Removal in Columbus OH pest management specialist to trap and remove the opossum.

Opossums Can Damage Your Home

Opossums are powerful diggers. This makes it easy for them to tear into insulation, air ducts or boxes full of belongings. They are looking for a cozy place to make a nest. They also tend to defecate frequently and are not housebroken. They leave droppings that can damage surfaces and materials. Droppings also attract other pests like flies and mice.

Opossums Can Carry Diseases

Opossums can carry diseases in their urine, droppings and saliva. They also are hosts to parasites such as fleas and lice which in turn carry diseases that can spread to pets, livestock and people. Known diseases spread by opossums include rabies, leptospirosis, spotted fever, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, flea-borne typhus, Chagas disease and tuberculosis. Although opossums avoid confrontations, they have been known to bite people or pets.

Opossums Can Accidentally Die In Your Home

An opossum trying to make a burrow in your basement may accidentally knock over belongings that tumble onto the opossum and kill it. You will never know it is there until the stink permeates your entire home. Carcasses can carry dangerous pathogens and be lodged into areas too risky for you to climb into. Contact an Opossum Removal in Columbus OH service to get the job done right.


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