The Advantages of Heat Pump Heater Installation in Phoenix AZ Instead of a Gas Furnace

People who move from a northern state to southern Arizona may wonder just how much they would need to run a furnace or whether they can get by with a system that’s less expensive to have installed in a brand new house. Another option for Heater Installation in Phoenix AZ is a heat pump system, which many homeowners choose instead. Most houses in this region don’t have basements, so a furnace would need to be installed on the main level, which many homeowners don’t really like. In addition, the heat pump can be used with the central air also. With a furnace, the central air system is entirely separate. The furnace typically runs on natural gas or liquid propane gas, while the air conditioning runs on electricity. Having a heat pump installed is less expensive than the separated system and does not require natural gas plumbing.

This type of Heater Installation in Phoenix AZ is relatively common compared with northern realms, because heat pump systems don’t function as well when temperatures are below freezing. They are very efficient when temperatures are 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer, however. In addition, many newer homes in the region don’t even have access to natural gas because they’re located in areas where the utility has not yet run lines to the neighborhood. Anyone who is making plans to move south to Phoenix and needs to decide about the heating and cooling system may visit a website such as website for more information. Contact details are available so people can call with questions.

People who are accustomed to gas furnaces need to learn a bit of patience when using a heat pump to warm the house. A furnace warms the home more quickly than a heat pump does. On the rare occasions that the temperature does drop down toward freezing, they’ll find that the system has some trouble keeping the house at the temperature set on the thermostat. In the summertime, however, they’ll appreciate the lower utility bills compared with a conventional central air system and the effectiveness of the heat pump for keeping the house cool.

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