The technological advancements in VoIP phone systems have been significant over the past decade or more. The technology that undergirds the systems to such a degree that calls made through VoIP are standard PSTN are indistinguishable. However, the functionality and value of these systems are not all equal. To experience the best results, it is important to gain access to the best VoIP service. Dallas businesses can benefit from VoIP services provided by quality providers in the industry.

There are particular features that the best VoIP phone systems offer. These tools are essential for small businesses in the variety of different industries.

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant feature is a popular feature of VoIP phone systems. Businesses have found this feature necessary in order to ensure incoming calls are answered in some manner. This feature allows calls to be answered with an automated message and routed to the right department or transferred to voicemail.

Unified Messaging

You will find that the best VoIP service providers enables unified messaging. Many times this service works from the email inbox from which voicemail messages, email, faxes, and instant messages can be checked and managed. Faxes can be sent as attachments from an email inbox, eliminating the need perfect machines.

Comprehensive Call Routing Options

The best VoIP service can give you access to a variety of features when it comes to call routing. The user can direct call forwarding so that calls go to the manager, assistant, coworker. This is useful feature when an employee is on vacation or on a jobsite are out of the office for any reason. For staff members using multiple devices, feature referred to as – find me, follow me – can help workers set up either all their devices to ring simultaneously or each device to ring one at a time until you answer the call. If you do not answer the call, the caller is sent to voicemail.

Hunt Groups

With the best VoIP service, company departments, such as customer service, tech support, and sales can take advantage of a feature called hunt groups. With this feature you can take advantage of two options. The first one is to have all phones in a specific group ring at the same time until someone answers. The other option is to transfer the caller to the first available extension – the call was then transferred to the next available extension if no one answers the first call.

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