Conference Call Services Using VoIP in Dallas

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are types of telephone systems that operate through the Internet. They do not utilize the traditional telephone company to receive and place calls. When individuals place a call from a business using this type of system, his or her voice is translated into digital data which is transmittable over the Internet. The resulting digital data is translated into small packets that are conveyed to recipients through computer networks. The data is then converted into the type of data the telephone on the receiving end can translate into the appropriate sounds for conversations.

One of the benefits of VoIP is the efficient application of conference call services. Dallas is served by VoIP providers that can deliver these services efficiently and deliver third-party conferencing tools to businesses.

Conferencing Solution through VoIP

A communications services provider of VoIP can utilize an in-house conferencing platform that melds into your current communication platform. Such a company can typically manage your full communication solution, as well.

This type of conference call services platform can provide you with superb features in one single centralized solution. These features include:

* Instant messaging
* Audio conferencing
* User controls – take questions, mute users, record, send files real time, calendar invites
* Desktop & media sharing

Participation Options

* Desktop
* Phone
* Tablet or smartphone

A conferencing unit can also perform the functions of an in-house instant messaging platform. With this type of platform, you don’t need multiple third-party tools in which would have to deal with the functionality of those tools as well as signing in and out of those tools. With a single conferencing solution, you can have all the necessary conferencing features you need as well as the instant messaging platform – all contained in one package. Coworkers and employees can communicate directly from their tablet, desktop, or smartphone with a quick note or message. With this solution, spending the time to send an email for simple quick note is no longer necessary.

Other additional features in addition to conference call services are available through VoIP systems, including caller ID, voicemail, and other common features. As well, businesses may benefit from virtual receptionists, customizable call screening and forwarding functions, and voicemail and/or email forwarding to a mobile phone.


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