The Best Precision Machine Alignment Tool in San Antonio

Proper alignment is essential to ensuring the efficiency of the machinery used in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings. There have historically been a number of different traditional methods for making sure that rotating machinery is in proper alignment, including the use of feeler gauges, dial indicators, or optics.

These traditional methods offered nominally accurate measurements, but they required taking the machines offline for prolonged periods of time, leading to unnecessary downtime and lost profits. As a result, these traditional methods are no longer popular and nearly all industry leaders agree that the best Alignment Tool in San Antonio is undoubtedly the precision laser shaft alignment system. Read on to find out why.

Measuring Rotational Centers

A laser Alignment Tool in San Antonio can be rotated in order to measure the rotational centers of shafts independently from other components. This allows the measurements to be unaffected by shaft or coupling eccentricity, offering greater precision and accuracy.

Live Measuring

Many laser shaft alignment tools utilize live measuring in order to monitor rotational centers while they are actually in motion. This allows whoever is taking the measurement to take both intended and unintended movements into account.

Easier Record Keeping

The majority of laser alignment tools allow users to store alignment values digitally, making maintenance record keeping much easier. These measurements can then be stored as digital data or they can be printed out so that companies can retain hard copies of their corrected alignment values.

Onboard Software

Modern laser alignment tools feature onboard software that offers incredibly accurate measurement values for both shimming and horizontal corrections. This alone makes them more convenient and easier to use than traditional alternatives.

Improved Versatility

Laser alignment systems can be used to measure vertically-oriented machines in addition to horizontally-oriented equipment. They can also be used to take basic geometric measurements like flatness, straightness, and parallelism. Calculating these measurements took far more work and required more tools when traditional systems still reigned.

A State of the Art Solution

There is no denying that laser alignment tools are the wave of the future. Factory owners who have not yet caught on to the many benefits of laser alignment would do well to look into this revolutionary and thoroughly modern alternative. Get more information online to get started learning more today.


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