How To Know When Machine Alignment in Austin Is Needed

One of the most severe and costly disturbances in the functioning of factory machines occurs when the shafts of the machines become misaligned, either by a parallel offset or by an angular error. When this occurs, it is certain that machine alignment in Austin will be needed. Here are some symptoms to look for to know when this is occurring.


* Couplings, bearings, seals, and shafts are being worn or failing prematurely

* Vibrations of a radial or axial origin are excessive for the work situation

* The temperature being discharged by the machine is excessively high or there is a high casing temperature coming from near the bearings.

* There are instances of extreme oil leakage near the seals of the bearing

* Rubber powder is found to be present inside the coupling shroud. This indicates the coupling is running hot both during operation and immediately afterward.

* The foundation bolts are loose

* The coupling bolts are found to be loose or broken

* Breaking of the shafts at places they should not be breaking, such as near the coupling hubs or the inboard bearing.

Effects Of Misalignment

The forces that the bearings are exposed have a direct and measurable effect on the lifespan of the machine. Even the smallest misalignment can wreak havoc on the functioning of the bearings and the shaft. It can also affect the seals, which will open up, thus causing a potentially severe amount of lubrication leakage and opens up the possibility of exposing the machine to outside contaminants. The power consumption that a machine experiences can also be directly affected by misalignment, increasing that consumption by a factor of up to 20%. Therefore, it is crucial that Machine Alignment in Austin be performed by a professional company who are experienced in all forms of alignment.

Get more information about the benefits of machine alignment and an estimate for the job that needs to be performed by clicking here. A highly-skilled technician can respond to any inquiry about the process that will take place. When it comes to the life and the efficient operation of factory machines, a machine alignment can be a saving grace.


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