The Best Features In EMS Uniforms

When it comes to uniforms for emergency medical services staff (EMS), things continue to change and evolve. In the past, these first responders wore more of a medical type of uniform or more of a para-military style of uniform depending on the specifics of the service.

Today, thanks largely to changes in technology and manufacturing of fabrics, EMS uniforms can be selected to assist in protecting the first responder as well as providing more practical and user-friendly options in pants and shirts.

Storage Pockets

One of the latest trends in all brands of EMS uniforms is the addition of specialized pockets on both pants and shirts. Historically, the khaki style of cargo pant was considered ideal, but today specialized compartments for everything from pens and scissors to packaged medical supplies make it easy to have just what you need in an easy to reach location.


There are many different styles of uniforms that are a good match for EMS services. They can be more casual or more formal and military-looking in their design. Many agencies now use the short sleeved polo shirt for summer wear, offering a comfortable and breathable option for staff.

Long sleeved shirts and vests or lightweight jackets are typically required for winter EMS uniforms along with the multi-pocket pants. This is a practical and versatile option and, with wrinkle resistant fabrics, they look crisp and neat throughout the shift.

Other factors to look for include a natural stretch in the fabric, particularly in the pant. This makes it more comfortable for bending and lifting, all essential components of the job.

Additionally, consider the type of fabric. There are now fabrics that are highly stain resistant and are also naturally resistant to microbial contamination. These provide additional safety for both the EMS responders as well as patients.


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