The Benefits Of QQ-P-416-F Cadmium Plating

The natural color of cadmium is a silvery-white. This can change depending upon the treatment a finishing company uses to achieve its customer’s goals. Plating options vary; however when cadmium is to face exposure to the harsh and corrosive environments common to aerospace applications, there is only one serious choice. This is clearly expressed in QQ-P-416.

Metal Choice for Cadmium Plating

Cadmium is able to coat the substrate of various metals. The finish, which resembles largely a zinc coating, is employed to cover the substrate of the following:

* Aluminum: One of the more usual metals used for cadmium plating

* Brass

* Cast iron

* Stainless steel: Another common choice for this process

* Steel

To add color, a company can utilize chromates. The choices are black, clear, olive drab and yellow. Yet, the hue of the cadmium treatment does not matter as much as the benefits resulting from the process.

Benefits from Cadmium QQ-P-416

The intent of using these specifications for cadmium treatments is to improve the qualities of the base metal it coats. By coating the substrate with cadmium according to these stringent specifications, the resulting component features the following:

* Improved corrosion resistance

* Increased surface electrical conductivity

* Allowing easier and more effective soldering

* Gall prevention which leads to breaking down

* Increased lubricity

* Improved longevity of the parts

* Low electrical resistance

* Galvanic coupling

* Smooth, uniform surface

* Overall aesthetically pleasing surface

Overall, the implementation of these standards for cadmium plating improves the overall performance and longevity of the substrate surface and, therefore the components.

QQ-P-416 Standards

Cadmium plating is one way many manufacturers have of increasing the capabilities of their components to function under certain trying conditions. In the aerospace industry, they utilize cadmium-plated parts for use in aircraft components. By employing QQ-P-416 standards, manufacturers can meet the requirements or specifications such companies demand for their equipment.


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