Commonly Asked Questions About Siding Repair In St. Charles, MO

Vinyl siding is a very tough material for a home’s exterior and, depending on its grade, it can last up to 40 years. Even though this type of siding is sturdy, it’s sometimes necessary to have the siding repaired. Read these commonly asked questions to learn about vinyl siding repair in St. Charles MO.

Since vinyl siding is very sturdy, how does it become damaged?

The most common reason vinyl siding becomes damaged is being struck by an object. When mowing the lawn, it’s not unusual for a rock to fly out from underneath the mower and strike the siding on the house. This force can easily crack or break the siding. If a baseball is thrown hard and hits the house, this can also cause damage or make a hole in the siding.

Why is it important to have damaged vinyl siding repaired?

Vinyl siding that’s cracked or broken will downgrade the value and minimize the appearance of the house. In addition to aesthetic reasons, when the vinyl siding is compromised, it allows water to run behind the siding on the house. This moisture can cause the wooden components of the structure to rot and deteriorate. Mold will also start to grow in these areas where wetness is prevalent. Along with water, insects will also crawl into the cracked and damage portions of the siding. As the insects make their way into the inside of the house, this can cause an infestation.

What types of repairs are often needed for vinyl siding?

The types of repairs that are normally needed to fix vinyl siding include replacing one of the slats if it becomes cracked or damaged with a hole. A professional company that specializes in Siding Repair in St. Charles MO can remove the damaged piece of siding and replace it with a new one. Vinyl siding is simple to repair because of the individual slats that can be taken off separately and replaced.

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