The Benefits Of Aircraft Air Conditioners

Keeping planes cool and comfortable during the boarding process is always a challenge. Since the engine itself is not running, having the option to use aircraft air conditioners external to the plane provides the best option.

These aircraft air conditioners come in a wide variety of models, designs and styles. There are smaller and larger models designed for operation with different size of planes based on the actual cabin size and the BTU rating of the system.

These systems can be utilized for any area of the plane, including the cabin, the cockpit, the equipment bay or anywhere else it is possible to limit air escape. These systems are often used during maintenance procedures as well, providing technicians and mechanics a more comfortable environment to complete their work.

Factors to Consider

When choosing between different aircraft air conditioners on the market it is important to consider all the different factors in where and how you want to use the system. Choosing model and manufacturer offering the maximum cooling capacity for the largest planes using your airport may not be as cost effective or efficient as having several different models.

Smaller models of aircraft air conditioners will use less energy provided they are used on sizes of planes matching their BTU output. Carefully matching the air conditioner unit to the plane size will boost efficiency and energy savings.


These external aircraft air conditioners have to be designed to be rugged and durable for use in all types of weather. They also have to be designed with easy moving and storage considerations, and they should have a narrow turn radius to allow them to be quickly and easily positioned.

Readouts and Safety

Having all gauges, LEDs and instrument panel readouts within easy sight for the operator or ground crew is very important. This not only ensures the system can be easily monitored from the ground, but it also provides additional safety benefits. Most systems today will have a low fuel warning system as well as an automatic shutdown system in the event of low fuel levels.

When gauges and readouts are clearly visible, irregularities will be noted and checked. This prevents equipment breakdown and can also help in preventing leaks of refrigerant within the area. New models of aircraft air conditioners will also use environmentally friendly refrigerant that is an important consideration when going green is a priority.

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