Staying In Budget With Airport Ground Support Equipment

Operating an airport is a very costly business, and there are a lot of different equipment components that are required to keep the system running smoothly. With all the necessary airport ground support equipment required, keeping on top of the budget can be extremely difficult if you don’t know all the options possible.

For a very large airport with a significant budget, buying new airport ground support equipment may be the best option. This will provide the facility with the latest in up to date and state of the art equipment, including those with the best in safety features based on new research and development.

However, even in the largest of airports, and definitely in the smaller regional or even international airports, having the option to rent, lease or purchase refurbished airport ground support equipment is the most cost effective option. This is particularly true if there is a sudden or even a gradual uptick in traffic in and out of the location. If you current fleet can’t keep pace, renting or leasing is a terrific option.

Benefits to Purchasing Refurbished

The option to purchase refurbished airport ground support equipment offers several advantages to consider. First, this equipment has been completely evaluated and tested, will all repairs and upgrades completed on the unit before it is sold.

If you are purchasing from a reputable company offering refurbished equipment, there will also be a warranty with the equipment. This provides the purchaser the peace of mind to know the seller is standing behind their work.

The next obvious advantage to refurbished equipment is that it will be lower cost than new but often have the same features and options. Saving thousands of dollars on ground support equipment is good business sense, especially when it comes with a warranty.

Renting and Leasing

When you need short or long-term use of airport ground support equipment rental or leasing is a very good option. With rental or leasing there is no large cash outlay, rather there is a pre-set monthly or contract based amount that is easy to budget and consistent.

Additionally, the best company offer airport ground support equipment for lease or rent will also maintain the equipment during the terms of the rental or lease contract, ensuring the equipment is always in good working order without any additional cost to you.


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