The Ale Trail: Exploring The Brewery Paradise In Bend OR

While the growth in sales and volume of craft beer is slowing, this does not affect the overall increase in breweries in America. The craft brewery market continues to have a strong presence in such states as Oregon. Visiting a brewery in Bend OR and following the Ale Trail is becoming a passion with many visitors.

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is a town high in the Cascade Mountains. Its population is only around 87,000. While it has a nickname among hikers and snow lovers – the “outdoor playground of the West,” it is also famous under another sobriquet, “Beer City USA.” The city is home to upwards of 16 local breweries. In fact, this community has approximately one brewery for every 3,636 people. Moreover, it boasts the highest number of microbreweries per capita in the entire country.

The Ale Trail

Bend is serious about its craft beers. They discuss it in terms similar to those bandied about by wine savants. They sip and savor craft beer talking about undertones. People who follow the Ale Trail enjoy craft beer, purchasing a passport and map to ensure they are on the right route. They sip samples of one brewery in Bend OR at a time, before trying others.

For those who can download the app online anytime. A passport is easily available, and they can virtually stamp it at each brewery they visit. To add to the safety and enjoyment of the event, Bend provides options for safe transportation. Tour operator provide buses, town cars or horse-drawn carriages. However, with the breweries so close to one another, many walk.

Paradise – a Trip to Every Brewery in Bend OR

Some may say visiting a brewery in Bend OR marks the start of a wonderful relationship. It is certainly a great introduction to local craft beers. One way to learn more is to pick up a passport and follow the famous Ale Trail.


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